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"Andrew Drost has changed my whole life. That sounds dramatic and profound, but it is truly how i feel about the growth that I have made working with him. Ever since I began studying with him a few years ago my entire world has opened up in front of me as a performer. Studying with Andrew has opened my eyes to what I have to offer as a performer and now as a singer (Not just a dancer with a good voice). With each lesson I learn more about my voice, how to use it, how to show it off and how to apply it to everything I am singing in auditions and in my shows. He truly cares so much about his students and each student is an individual that he is able to see where they are and speak their language to get them to where they need to be.  Since studying with Andrew, I have booked six Broadway Shows, done a concert at Carnegie Hall, booked a television series and did the West Side Story Movie! Again, he has changed my life. I continue to come into myself as a singer each lesson and I always walk out with a wealth of knowledge. I look forward to every lesson and I look forward to all the continued success we will have together! Best voice teacher ever!

Paloma Garcia Lee , Phantom of the Opera, Nice Work If You Can Get It, On The Town B'way, Guys & Dolls @ Carnegie Hall, Natasha & Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Moulin Rouge, Fosse/Verdon (TV), West Side Story (Stephen Speilberg Film)

"Andrew is a genius! I had no idea what my voice was capable of before I started working with Andrew.  He literally pulled out the very best in my voice and changed how I think about singing.   Working with him has given me the confidence in my vocal technique to go out on stage night after night and become Frankie!  No words other than life changing!"

-Dominic Scaglione, Jr., Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys (Bway & Las Vegas Companies)


Andrew helped this dancer find her voice!!! I first came to Andrew with very little vocal training, so I had to start with the basics, like supportive breathing. He used to dance professionally, so he knows how dancers have to train their bodies to breathe a different way while singing. He has me do movement while I sing, and I've found that helps immensely with connecting my breathing and singing freely. The exercises he gives progress as you do, allowing you to really see your growth.  From day one, he has been encouraging and is very knowledgeable about how to sing in a smart and safe way. Thanks to Andrew, I am now singing on Broadway!!

-Taeler Cyrus - Hello Dolly! (Bway w/Bette Midler, An American in Paris (Bway),  After Midnight (Bway)

."...Andrew is not only the best voice teacher that I've ever worked with but he is the best teacher of any kind that I've worked with..."
Ted Keener "The Phantom of the Opera" US Tour,
Fiddler on the Roof National Tour,
Young Frankenstein National Tour
"I have been studying with Andrew Drost for less than a year now and in this short time he has completely transformed my voice. In all of my years of voice training I have not learned as much and improved as rapidly as I have in the past 5 months working with him. It is very clear that Andrew’s priority is to teach his students how to sing properly, making sure they have a healthy and well-informed understanding of the voice. This foundation that he stresses is imperative for the longevity of a singer’s career. Andrew is an incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring teacher who has the ability to identify a singer’s roadblocks and unlock their potential, allowing them to find their exceptional voice that they may not have even know they possessed. It has been life changing!" 
-Jenny Florkowski "Wicked" B'way & National Tour, "Saturday Night Fever" National Tour
"To quote Meg Giry: 'She's been taking lessons, from a great teacher!'.  Andrew is that great teacher.  He has completely transformed my voice.  He keeps things light and fun all while getting the necessary work done!  He is an amazing human being in addition to the best voice teacher I have ever worked with!"
-Deanna Doyle, Phantom of the Opera, Tuck Everlasting, On The Town
"Andrew is simply THE BEST!  I look forward to my lesson each week and I always come out in a better mood than when I arrived!  Andrew has helped this dancer build her voice from an absolute beginner to a dancer who is now getting singing call backs!  VoiceBarre® is genius!"

-Brittany Duskin, Brooklynettes Dancer
"Andrew understands performers & the meticulous technical work it takes behind the scenes to shine bright on stage. In every lesson he opens the door & invites the authentic me to come out & sing!"

JESS DOMAIN, Singer/Song Writer/Recording Artist

Andrew changes my world, one voice lesson at a time. He is simply the most amazing voice teacher I've experienced. Andrew has a wealth of knowledge. He approaches teaching with a broad skill set from his years of experience on the stage and working with students of all capacities. Ever since studying with Andrew, my voice has been growing and expanding beyond what I could have expected. I'm no longer considering myself just a dancer with a decent voice. I'm coming into my own as a singer. I look forward to our lessons, as I learn so much and make major leaps in my technical abilities as a singer. Andrew is guiding me to open up endless possibilities for my career! 
Micki Weiner, Phantom of the Opera National Tour, Zorro International Tour,
How To Succeed In Business (Goodspeed Opera)
"Andrew knows voices!  He tailors each lesson to what YOU need on any given day.  He always keeps my voice on point!  I always look forward to each lesson to see what I'll discover next....positively the best!"

-Alexa Heller, Singer/Song Writer/Recording Artist


"What I've gained from Andrew's lessons can barely be described with mere words, but here I go:

I found Andrew through the craziest of coincidental circumstances and have been changed for the better ever since. An aspiring musical theater actress since birth, I grew up singing but without any true vocal training. I came to Andrew in the midst of my pursuit for stardom with a self taught screlt (scream-belt, ie. Adele Dazeem) like many modern day Bway divas. My first lesson I felt so intimidated: his clout and credits alone made me so nervous, but he was the most encouraging and kind about beginning our lessons together. By lesson two I was hooked, my vocal resonance increased leaps and bounds after just vocal warm ups, hitting high notes I had never before sang; close friends said that my voice had never sounded better. Andrew teaches you the proper technique for effortless singing; he can spot tension instantly (knowledge from his background as a massage and vocal therapist) and works with you to find a natural lift and ease to YOUR sound. 

Better singing is of course a major plus to Andrew's lessons, but that is not where his mastery ends. Each time I sing with Andrew, I leave feeling like I can conquer the world. He has this astounding ability to teach you while nourishing you and your voice with positive energy, magical water, and enthusiasm. It's an hour of feeling encouraged and motivated and respected and truly cared for. I recommend Andrew with the highest esteem and praise I can give to anyone. Prepare to be thanked in my Tony acceptance speech, Andrew! ;)"

-Stephanie Genito, If/Then, RENT, American Idiot
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