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The Andrew Drost Voice Studio

The many different styles of singing that exist in the world today demands one thing: TECHNIQUE TECHNIQUE TECHNIQUE!  In other words, a way of using your voice that can be applied to whatever style of singing a given performance calls for.  If a singing technique can't be applied to every type of singing style then there is probaby something wrong with that technique.
"Drop your jaw" "Sing from your larynx" "Sing from your diaphram" "Expand your ribcage" "Keep your tongue down" "Keep your soft palate lifted" "Give it more support"  Have you heard any or all of these?  The language that voice teachers use abounds in such confusing and sometimes dangerous cliches.  Yet, every day, singers, who never question the vast "wisdom" of their teachers, will push, manipulate and strain their voices until one day they realize that their voice is "burned out."  The crime is that it seems to NEVER be the teachers fault but rather the student simply didn't understand what the teacher was trying to say.  
What most teachers never seem to understand, or admit, is that you don't need to worry about 100 different things every time you open your mouth to sing.  And you don't need to study for years and years before you see some positive results.  My first time students are always amazed at how quickly their voices can transform in just one hour.
It doesn't matter what type of music you sing: musical theatre, pop, rock or opera.  You should have a vocal technique that allows the voice to be free so that you can concentrate on the performance.  Am I wrong?  Not usually...
From your first lesson with me you will learn:
1. What works, and what doesn't, for the individual singer. 


2. Why it works, and how to explain and demonstrate why it works.


3. How to troubleshoot vocal problems by understanding the physiology of the body (musculature, breathing, how the tongue works, what are your resonators, etc...)


4. Each singer and voice is unique, therefore a system of vocalise should be tailored to the individual needs of the singer, focusing on working the weaker points and encouraging the strengths.


5. Proper and healthy vocal technique allows you to become not only a better singer, but also a better artist by way of having the freedom and security in your singing to express what it is you want to say with a particular song or aria.




 "I believe in a positive approach to teaching.  I have seen astounding progress and results in my students all while keeping the learning process fun!  Some of my students who never got call backs are now booking shows and singing for major record labels and producers.  I couldn't be more proud of them.  My passion in life is sharing the information that I have had the privilege of learning both here in New York City and during my travels abroad.  Let me help you maximize your potential, gain confidence, take the confusion out of vocal technique and ENJOY SINGING!"   

  It would be a pleasure to work with YOU!  
 Please contact me at to set up a consultation.
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"Andrew Drost has changed my whole life. That sounds dramatic and profound, but it is truly how I feel about the growth that I have made working with him. Ever since I began studying with him a few years ago my entire world has opened up in front of me as a performer. Studying with Andrew has opened my eyes to what I have to offer as a performer and now as a singer (Not just a dancer with a good voice). With each lesson I learn more about my voice, how to use it, how to show it off and how to apply it to everything I am singing in auditions and in my shows. He truly cares so much about his students and each student is an individual that he is able to see where they are and speak their language to get them to where they need to be.  Since studying with Andrew, I have booked six Broadway Shows, done a concert at Carnegie Hall and been called back at most all of the auditions I have been in for, booked a tv series and a major motion picture. Again, he has changed my life. I continue to come into myself as a singer each lesson and I always walk out with a wealth of knowledge. I look forward to every lesson and I look forward to all the continued success we will have together! Best voice teacher ever!

Paloma Garcia Lee , Phantom of the Opera, Nice Work If You Can Get It, On The Town B'way, Guys & Dolls @ Carnegie Hall, Natasha & Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Moulin Rouge, Fosse/Verdon (TV), West Side Story (Stephen Speilberg Film)

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